Meet Kari Jansen, the brains and beauty behind organic body care brand Poppy and Someday. Kari started her journey as an Herbalist and Ayurvedic Practitioner, combining her passion of plants and their ability to heal and teach. After years of studying herbalism, Kari channeled her love of gardening, wildcrafting and herbal medicine and infused it together to create Poppy and Someday. 

Kari’s product line features an evolving collection of organic body care products, each of which is comprised of a unique blend of constitutional ingredients. All of her products are crafted by hand at her studio in Laurel Canyon where she grows many of the herbs and infusions for the apothecary. 

Kari joined us at world-renowned wellness resort Two Bunch Palms in Palm Desert, CA where she graciously opened up to us about her journey to self discovery. The healing forces of the property grounds made for the most magical setting to capture Kari’s story.

ALEX AND ANI: Can you tell us how Poppy and Someday came to life? 

Kari: I got started at a really young age from being into plant medicine and being connected with that. When I was really young, I remember playing with my mom’s body products and not liking the smells. I didn’t want to wear makeup and didn’t want any synthetic product touching my skin. I would get reactions to things really easily. Growing up in the Midwest there weren’t any natural options so I would end up being outside and playing with clay, digging it up and putting it on my face. When I started studying more and more about the benefits of plant-based products, I realized that synthetic products were the cause of my skin irritations and not the plant medicine. So I wanted to create a line based on this that myself and others could benefit from.

ALEX AND ANI:  Is there anything that you’re wearing from Poppy and Someday today particularly? 

Kari: Since it’s like 100 degrees in the desert right now, I am wearing a natural carrot seed and red raspberry seed oil which has almost 50% sunblock in it. SPF products have a lot of synthetics in it which negatively absorbs into your bloodstream and into your skin. These natural oils not only provide healthy sun block, but also feeds your skin the natural oils it needs.

ALEX AND ANI: Do you make all your product by hand?  

Kari: Yes, I try to keep that hand-made connection with everything and produce all my products with love from my home in Laurel Canyon. I hand infuse natural herbs into my oils so you are able to benefit from the plants natural state as opposed to manufactured powders that get cut of their energy powers. 

ALEX AND ANI: Let’s talk about some of the ALEX AND ANI pieces that you’re wearing today. As you know, all our products have symbology and meaning. Do any of our pieces have a direct reflection to your brand?

Kari: Yes, I use crystals in all of my products. For example, the Rose Toner I brought today has rose quartz in it which manifests self-love and opens the heart. Also, the Moon Mist helps clear out negative energy similar to the effects burning of white sage without it being over harvested. 

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Written by Tracy Trouf