Meet Dani Nagel, the brains and beauty art apparel brand Dazey LA. Dani’s mission is to to empower women through conversation and community by designing collections that revolve around subjects that modern women struggle with.

Dani provides a tool and space to talk about these tricky topics. Some of these topics include self care, inclusivity, women’s rights, and navigating our ever increasing digital world. All of Dazey LA’s designs have phrases on them that are simple conversation starters. Whether it’s on social media or in person, the tees serve as a tool to bring it up. They are also reminders to the wearer that they are not alone and to feel empowered. Dazey believes conversation and education creates change. Her custom tees and social media presence do just that. 

Dani welcomed our team to her INCREDIBLE home in Palm Springs, CA (@dazey_desert_house) where she greeted us with open arms. Her home in the desert is a creative’s dream. Every square inch has an inspiring story behind it. From the art on her walls that were created by grandmother, to the custom wallpaper in her bedroom, you can’t help but feel you are in a mystical wonderland that had our entire team singing and dancing while on set.

Dani is someone who has taken her passion for design and art and turned it into one of the most inspiring brands we’ve had the pleasure to work with. We should all take a page out of Dani’s book. She pursued her dreams and turned it into reality, refusing to sacrifice on her vision and authenticity.

ALEX AND ANI: Do you remember the first design you made? 

Dani: Yes, it was the ‘People for the Planet’ design. I remember I first designed it for a denim company I was working for. My boss at the time was like, ‘I don’t like that one,’ and I was like ‘okay’ and ended up saving it and eventually used it for Dazey. What’s funny is this design is one of our best sellers to this day and is the longest lasting design from my first collection.  

ALEX AND ANI: How important is female empowerment to you and are there females that you idolize or mentors that you look up to? I think a lot of the time, as women, we are reluctant to say like, ‘Oh, this person actually made us, and that its self driven.’ 

Dani: I would say yes, of course, I am so inspired by all the female entrepreneurs paving the way for girls like me right now. It’s such a movement. I’m also extremely inspired by my peers and just being around other female entrepreneurs. We give each other advice and encouragement. I think that’s one of the strongest encouragements for me, connecting with fellow women within the community and all pushing each other further.  

[above] Dani Nagel from Dazey La shows off her #CharmedArms with our new stackable beaded bangles at her Desert Home in Palm Springs.

[above] Dani styled in our Vintage Sixty Six collection.

[above] Inside the Dazey Desert House, our production team captures Dani in our Vintage Sixty Six Collection and her favorite clothing from Dazey La.

[above] Dani had fun with this look and created a belt by putting together two Vintage Sixty Six necklaces.

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Written by Tracy Trouf