Meet Birgit Klett, co-founder and designer of hand-crafted shoe brand beek. Beek is a revolutionary shoe brand that is known for their hand-crafted, feminine styles made with the utmost care. You will find that beek shoes are not only comfortable (they begin molding to your feet within hours of wearing them) but they are also timeless and beautiful.

Beek was founded by gal pals Birgit Klett and Kenna Florie 4 1/2 years ago. The duo has been friends for over 15 years, with 11 of those years working side-by-side at Roxy. Birgit as the global head of design for footwear and Kenna as the head of marketing. The two would travel on events, press tours, etc and quickly developed a life-long friendship. 

Beek was born out of a common passion to take the knowledge they acquired over the years and channel it into a new brand that focuses on comfort, beauty and made from 100% leather. They wanted to create a brand for the modern woman who could travel the world and not have to sacrifice style for comfort. Most leather footwear isn’t truly ’100% leather’ and can be hard for find. The comfortable leather options on the market are historically clunky and not feminine. 

So what makes beek different than other shoe brands? 

They are made from 100% leather, are comfy for walking, have slim and classic silhouettes, custom molded arch support and they stand the test of time. Each pair takes 48-hours to produce and the outcome is timeless footwear that you will have in closet for years and years. Each stands the test of time. Their tagline, “beauty meet comfort and comfort meet beauty” is in the mission in a nutshell. 

Birgit and Kenna are the perfect balance of creative and business, which is a huge part of the success of beek. Birgit is the creative design force, and Kenna is the marketing mastermind. We were honored to work with Birgit on this campaign and learn more about her impressive journey in life. While Birgit was in front of the camera showcasing her designs, Kenna was on the other side of the lens with us watching and cheering on her partner and friend.

We welcomed the duo to Two Bunch Palms in Palm Desert, CA and made for the most perfect setting to set the stage behind Birgit’s story. Our team learned so much from this dynamic duo. How to take a dream and turn it into a reality, all while having a healthy work/life balance.

Thank you Birgit and Kenna for spending the day with our team, having lots of laughs and allowing us to be part of our journey.

[above] Birgit Klett of beek being styled by Tarah Sutton, VP Creative ALEX AND ANI styling the perfect look. Birgit is wearing tunic dress by Neu Nomads and shoes from her own collection.

ALEX AND ANI: As you know, this season for ALEX AND ANI is all about intention setting, and the intention you picked was Wisdom. What does this represent for you?

BIRGIT: I waited a long time to start my own company. I’d been working for other brands, put my heart and soul into them, and learned so much. When I decided to start my own company, I came into it with a lot of knowledge. Over the past 4 1/2 years, I’ve experience so much starting this brand, building it, and growing it. I love that I am able to share this ‘wisdom’ with my circle of friends, family and my children’. 

[above] Birgit from beek smiles while sharing her story with our production team during the fall shoot in Palm Springs. Birgit is wearing a dress from neu nomads .

[above] Birgit shows off our Growth and New Beginnings Medallion statement necklace styled with a dress from DOEN.

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Written by Tracy Trouf