What is it about the past that leaves us nostalgic? There’s comfort in familiarity as it reminds of happy times with ones we love.

In honor of our new Retro Color Infusion Charm Bangles, we’ve created four ways to channel the past inspired by treasured pastimes.


Picture This
In an age where mobile phones are much more than simply a phone, people utilize their many features to the fullest. While having a camera handy at all times is great, there is something to be said for photos taken the “old fashioned” way. The next time you’re heading out with family or friends, pack a camera to capture those candid moments. You can then print out copies to create a collage for a meaningful and special gift.


Call Me
Do you remember the last time you spoke to someone on the phone? In today’s world of texting, it might be hard to recall! The next time you’re making plans for the weekend, give your BFF a ring instead of sending a text. Not only will the call be unexpected, but you’ll be able to hear their infectious laugh and other nuances that make up the many reasons you love them.


Write it Down
We all know words are powerful, so use them to to spread positivity in the form of a letter. An often forgotten about method of communication, penning a letter, whether to a family member, friend, or significant other, is a thoughtful way to show them you care. Be sure to mention things you admire about them or special shared memories to make it especially personal. Instead of delivering it in person, drop it in the mail for a truly unexpected surprise.


Turn it Up
In the mood for tunes? Most people stream their favorite music, download the latest on iTunes, or turn on the radio. However, when was the last time you listened to a record, if at all? Vinyl is making a comeback and we’re all about it. From its distinct sound to the very act of opening and placing it on the player, music aficionados swear by the entire experience. The next time you’re shopping for music, purchase a record and partake in a retro-inspired sensory journey.

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Brendon Cunha
Written by Brendon Cunha
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