There is a saying that goes, “No one is you, and that is your power.”

Consider that for a second.

Picture moments in life where you are your truest, most uninhibited self. How exhilarating does it feel?

That’s because you have so much to offer the world like only YOU can. There will never be another with your same experiences, humor, or talents. Nobody who came before you shared your exact same beliefs, style, or relationships — and no one ever can.

Feelin’ like a boss yet? You should!

It is irrefutably empowering to be a daisy in a world full of roses. Conformity stifles creativity and we believe in celebrating your uniqueness at every turn.

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So how do you stand out when it’s oh-so-easy to fit in? Let us count the ways…

1. Showcase everything that makes you a force to be reckoned with, from being a forward thinker to a nurturer to a fierce interior decorator. Know your strengths, and lead with them! Maybe you’re a natural-born teacher, or great at networking. You might be impossibly kind, and sharp as a tack. These are your superpowers. Use them.

2. Share your stories with the world, from that cross-country road trip, to your experience traveling abroad, to cooking Italian Wedding Soup in your great-grandmother’s kitchen. These moments are yours, and they’re yours to share.

3. Be creative. Express yourself, however that looks for you. Paint. Write. Play piano. Sing…loudly, often, and even off key. Do you.

4. Be silly! Let down your guard, and laugh freely, inspiring others to do the same.

5. Learn as much as you can about your heritage, and celebrate the long line of people — and places — that make you who you are.

6. Share your passions and your talents. Talk about them, nurture them, and lend them to others whenever you can.

7. Practice positivity, even on the darkest days.

8. Wear things that make you feel good. Maybe they reflect your mood, or are just super comfortable. Maybe they’re the most painful heels you’ve ever owned but they make you feel fantastic. Rock what you like.

9. Listen. Really listen. To a friend — to a colleague — to the universe. You’ll be amazed by what you hear, and how you make people feel, when you really tune in.

10. Wear a reminder that you were born to stand out, like the Daisy Charm Bangle. This beautiful piece supports the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund whose mission is to expand access to education for adolescent girls around the world.

The sooner you celebrate your individuality, the sooner the world will, too.

Written by Kate Brierley

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Kate Brierley
Written by Kate Brierley
A proud mom of two toddler boys, I believe in handwritten notes, rescue pets, family beach days, and sour candy. I am a Senior Campaign Copywriter who writes for our retail stores, brochures, advertisements, and more. My favorite quote is: “They thought blueprints were too sad, so they made them yellow.”