Fear is something that is intrinsic in us all. You’ve experience it before, it can take form in doubt, anxiety, or restlessness. What would happen if you saw the true power of fear and used it to your advantage? Fear is just passion disguised. When you transmute fear into creative passion and determination, you become unstoppable and ready for anything. Use this guide to get beyond fear and use that energy to propel you into success.


Recognize the Importance
Look at the importance of what you are trying to do. Make sure you are passionate about your endeavor and you are doing it because it brings you happiness, not anyone else. Pour your energy into what feels right and see the bigger picture. Visualize yourself exactly how you want your life to be, and begin to create little steps to get you there.

Accept Failure As It Comes… And Keep Going
You may not always succeed at first, and that is okay. Failure is part of the process. Did you know Oprah was fired at the beginning of her career? Or Steven Speilberg was rejected twice from University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts? Believe it or not, Thomas Eddison was told by his teachers that he was too stupid to learn anything and J.K Rowling was living in poverty and a single mother while she was writing Harry Potter. Failure makes you stronger, wiser, and ready for success if you don’t give up.

Do It
Take action. Use all that energy spent worrying into energy to keep doing. See your excuses as excuses and when that fear and doubt come creeping in, simply continue to do the steps created to get you to the finish line. If the fear becomes too much, retrain your brain to say: this is my passion, this is what I am creating. Fear is a mindset and if used correctly, can become a  healthy way to make sure you’re taking everything into account and not overlooking any details. By taking action, you are more prepared and ready for success.

Surrender Control
Take action when you can, and leave the rest to faith and prayer. Trust the process, trust yourself, and be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if things go wrong, have faith that this is another piece of this mysterious and enlivening puzzle that is your life. You’re making it happen, you have divine guides by your side, and you got this. When all else fails, pick a mantra to remind you of your strength, power, and faith.

Do not give into your fear, simply transmute it into a tool to propel you towards your success. You are constantly creating and weaving your destiny, and with the help of a good mindset, divine guidance, and determination, you will thrive.

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Ani Ferlise
Written by Ani Ferlise
A wild woman living amongst the trees in Oregon, I can be found listening to classic rock, talking with my cat Patrick Swayze, and playing with crystals and herbs. I am the Creative Copywriter, creating content filled with how to enjoy the little things and the magic of every day life. I live my life by Bob Dylan’s quote: “All I can do is be me, whoever that is.”