This rare event is ready to shift your world dramatically. On August 21st, America will see an eclipse starting in Oregon and traveling on a diagonal path across the states, ending in South Carolina. What does this mean?

In essence, a black sun will be visible over parts of the country due to the moon creating a shadow on Earth. This is the first eclipse to be visible in the United States since 1979, so be prepared to see interesting colors in the sky, and feel an intense vibe coming from the cosmos. With this massive eclipse is also a new moon, making it a potent time to reflect, set intentions, and begin a new journey.


The Cosmic Coming-Together
This day is powerful due to the energies of the sun and moon coming together. Think of the sun tarot card merging with the moon. If you pull the sun tarot card, it is reflective of success, manifestation, joy, and simplicity. It is the energy that keeps you alive, it is a pure and powerful light that feeds all of nature. When you pull the moon tarot card, it is reflective of night, intuition, and power. Your hopes and fears, emotions, imagination, and energy are surged in an intense way.  These two forces are combining your inner world with your outer.


Lion-Hearted Leo Energy
The eclipse is happening in kind-hearted, energetic, optimistic, and passionate Leo. Turn your intentions into positive ones by reflecting on your blessings and giving thanks. Then turn your attention to actions of self-love you can begin to perform that you may have overlooked. Always remember to make them come from a positive place and out of complete self-love. When you begin to put these intentions out there now, the new moon energy will propel you into sticking with your new cycle and way of thinking, and the cosmic balance of the sun and moon will help your inner desires manifest outwards.


Take Time to Turn In
This is a great day and night to spend in reflection, with as much alone time as possible. Since this is such a rare occurrence, calling on this energy is precious and fleeting. Allow yourself as much time as you can to reflect. Maybe take a bath, take a walk outside, spend time gazing at the sky, go for a long car drive and listen to your music — whatever you choose, know that you are doing this at a powerful time. Be very aware of your thoughts and deeds. Your energy is loud and being heard by the Universe in a way that is particularly unusual.

Now is a powerful time for ritual, prayer, and strong acts of love. Harness the energy the universe is bestowing — you will be surprised at how powerful you truly are.

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Ani Ferlise
Written by Ani Ferlise
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