The nights are becoming longer than the days, and with the natural loss of light comes an invitation for introspection and self-reflection. November is a time when everything gets stripped down — the trees lose their leaves, the wind loses warmth, and nature quiets down. Immerse yourself in the cleansing cold of November’s daylight savings.


Be In Tune
Align yourself with nature and go inward when the sun goes down. It is a time of cozying up and getting deep. Connect with the art you choose to immerse yourself in — listen to a song and let it really move you from a new perspective. Get lost in a book so truly that you feel a loss when it is over. Connect so closely to the ones you love that it becomes a living art. These are the precious moments the night can bring to you.

Align With the Moon
Now that the moon is coming in strong, start to understand the impact that it has on all of nature. Moon phases and the zodiac sign it is in have a massive impact on how humanity operates. Check out our daily moonscopes on our app to find out what phase and sign the moon is in and how it will impact you. Some days are better for turning completely inwards, others are best to go out and make connections and set things out. The more you embrace the cosmic knowings, the more you can propel yourself into success.

Listen Deeply
Become aware of the signs the universe is giving to you. The cosmos have a way of relaying messages in many different forms — dreams, repetition, nature, serendipitous experiences — so tune in and notice what happens when the world gets quiet. Spirit is able to come clearer during this time of silence, and if you are open to the message, you will receive it.

Trust Your Intuition
Like any other animal, you are more in tune during the winter months. Somehow, these long nights and cold days spark something primal and wild in humanity. There is a keen sense of protection, intuition, and curiosity that will propel you into a solid state of knowing. Own it. Meditate as often as you see fit. You can try our Nightly Meditation on our blog that will help you to hone in on your intuition.

Learn to love the longer nights. See the magic that they bestow on you, the cozy love and inner knowing they provide, and the primal, wild knowledge you can hone in on. This time is a gift, are you ready to receive it?

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Ani Ferlise
Written by Ani Ferlise
A wild woman living amongst the trees in Oregon, I can be found listening to classic rock, talking with my cat Patrick Swayze, and playing with crystals and herbs. I am the Creative Copywriter, creating content filled with how to enjoy the little things and the magic of every day life. I live my life by Bob Dylan’s quote: “All I can do is be me, whoever that is.”