Let’s be honest. Gifting can be hard, especially if their love language is gift giving. A love language is the way a person best receives and experiences love. Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, defines gifts as “visual representations of love.” That’s Chain Station. It’s a physical (and wearable) blueprint meant to express one’s personal journey. In other words, Chain Station is a “charm necklace” collection of interchangeable charms and expandable necklaces.

Read on to find out our four tips on how to create a personalized Chain Station Necklace for the perfect gift.


Explore New Arrivals
Does she have it? Does she not? Unlike questions of love, this debate cannot be settled with a flower. Solution: explore new arrivals. Each season we introduce new Chain Station pendants and charms. Try connecting a piece to her life. Maybe she’s struggling with negativity? Give the Evil Eye for encouragement. Perhaps she’s leaving on an adventure? Give Godspeed for protection. There’s more to these symbols that the eye sees. Dig deep in new arrivals.

Layer with Love
Layers aren’t just for cold weather. Layering necklaces is for any temperature. Like stacking bracelets, layering necklaces and charms is way to express one’s unique journey. Try starting with PRECIOUS THREADS. It’s a reminder of who and what we love. Maybe that’s you? Layer one of these earthy braided necklaces with a gold 32” Expandable Necklace and silver 38” Expandable Necklace. Play with lengths. Create charm combinations. Mix her initials with meaningful symbols like the Cross and Feather. Layering is a personalized way to reflect her life’s blueprint as it grows.

A Token of Experience
Many of us look to pictures and videos to remember an experience. Have you ever considered looking to a symbol instead? Try it! Think of an experience you shared. How did you meet? Where have you traveled together? Choose a memorable experience, good, bad, or funny, and find a symbol to commemorate it. You are a meaning maker.

Discover Her Personal Blueprint
Personal Blueprint is a tool that creates personalized gift suggestions for you or someone else. Try exploring this virtual guide and uncover your giftee’s symbolic profile. Construct a Chain Station piece with her birthstone and zodiac sign. These make for simple yet classic personalized statements.

Dr. Gary Chapman reminds us that oftentimes “the emotional love associated with the gift is more important than the gift itself.” Takeaway: Try not to overthink gift giving. Gifts are representations of the love you share. Explore Chain Station and create a heartfelt token for someone you love.

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