Sterling silver is bright, shiny, precious — and prone to tarnishing. Whether you’ve just been gifted a brilliant new piece (such as, say, the Moon and Star Precious Cuff or a pair of Blue Lotus Hoop Earrings) or you have a few sterling silver pieces in your jewelry box that have lost their luster, consider this your ultimate cleaning guide.

Here are the best techniques for cleaning your jewelry at home — in minutes — so you can keep your favorite pieces sparkling all year long.


Clean it regularly. The best way to keep your ALEX AND ANI sterling silver jewelry looking new is to clean it each time you

take it off after wearing it, using our special polishing cloth, which is made from cotton flannel. Just rub the piece between the two interior cloths to remove any grime and restore the shine. If you’re reading this after — gulp! — you’ve had your piece(s) for a while and haven’t been keeping up with the cleaning, no worries. The cloth is still the best option, just give it a little more time to rub off any tarnish.

Bust out the bubbles
Dish soap may make your plates sparkle, but did you know it does the same for your sterling silver? To remove any lingering tarnish, apply some to a soft cloth or sponge, lather, and gently rub the piece of jewelry. After rinsing the soap off with water, be sure to dry the piece thoroughly, especially if it includes a stone. Leaving pieces wet after cleaning them can, over time, loosen the glue that holds the stones, causing them to pop out.

Don’t be afraid to up the ante. For heavier tarnish, try using silver cleaner. However, be sure to carefully follow the

directions on the packaging, use the applicator (if included) or a soft cloth, and wash/dry completely afterward. Also, wearing rubber gloves is a good idea as your hands contain natural oils that can contribute to future tarnishing.

Written by Alexandra Abel

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