Strength, courage and confidence are just a few of the cosmic powers that make Wonder Woman one of the most iconic female heroines of all time. Yet these qualities aren’t relegated to the realm of superheroes — we mortals possess them, too. While no shield is required to bring them out, check out the newest additions to our Wonder Woman Collection as a reminder of your own superpowers, and use these tips to cultivate them every day.


Boost Your Physical Prowess
Whether you’re a sometimes yogi, a weekend power-walker, or a devotee of the latest fitness craze, regularly strive to improve your physical strength and overall health. Set a personal challenge, whether that means signing up for a 5K fun run with friends (training together will keep everyone motivated!) or simply committing to getting more quality ZZZ’s (shut off blue-light electronics 30 minutes before heading to bed). The better physical shape you’re in, the greater mental strength you’ll have as well.

Up Your Inner Fierceness
Every superhero knows both their strengths and weaknesses, so let honest self-reflection guide you: What’s something you know you could improve? It could be adding to your vocabulary with word-a-day cues, reaffirming a special (yet neglected) relationship with more regular check-ins and one-on-one time, or conquering a personal insecurity, such as public speaking, by signing up for a local open mic night. Outline an actionable game plan and stick to it — you’ll be surprised how far a bit of determination can take you.

Be a Healing Force for Good
Having otherworldly powers is cool for sure, but what really makes superheroes so spectacular is their commitment to being a force for good in the universe — without expecting anything in return. Replicate the selflessness of Wonder Woman and her DC Comics peers in your real life by performing small acts of kindness. From spontaneous, personal gestures to organized community outreach, any efforts small or large has a positive impact. (If you need inspiration to find a cause that speaks to you, browse our CHARITY BY DESIGN Collection. We think you’ll have a hard time choosing just one!) The more you give the universe, the more you’ll receive in return — in truly unexpected and, yes, wondrous ways. 

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Written by Erin Lindholm

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