Good news! You don’t have to wear yellow and black stripes to feel like a queen bee. This flying friend’s spirit comes from within.

In honor of our new Queen Bee Charm Bangle supporting Habitat for Humanity, check out our three tips for channeling her spirit and power within yourself.


Bee Humble
Let’s be honest. You are amazing. You have a fierce spirit and immeasurable potential. To know this and be humble may seem like a challenge; however, it’s one the queen bee always knows how to meet. Dr. Jordan LaBouff defines humility as “being relatively down-to-earth and capable of understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses appropriately.” In other words, be mindfully human. Accept mistakes and setbacks, ask questions, embrace feedback, and care for yourself. Be happy with who you are!

Bee a Hard Worker
The queen bee’s philosophy is to work hard to achieve greatness. So this season find your passion. Take control. Get to know why you’re passionate, surround yourself with encouraging people, believe in yourself, and keep going. You’ve got this! Unleash your queen bee power. You can achieve anything.

Bee a Leader
Just like the queen bee who fearlessly guides her honeycomb community, you too can be a leader. Use your gifts to positively impact the world. Maybe you’re an excellent communicator? Perhaps you’re an inspired artist? No matter what your niche is, do what you do!  Invest in relationships, solve problems, lead by example, and embrace your community with a positive attitude.

The queen bee is a reminder of achievement. Channel her energy and celebrate all you have and will accomplish. You can change the world!


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Elizabeth Hanley
Written by Elizabeth Hanley