Challenge your fears to expand your world and welcome love, happiness and success.


Our natural instinct is to minimize risk in order to protect ourselves from hurt or harm. However, when you always sidestep the unknown, you’re depriving yourself of wonderful opportunities and personal growth. Try these ways to lean into your fears and push the boundaries of your everyday routine to make room for love, happiness and success.

Take One Step Toward Your Goals
Goals represent your inner desires and they assist you in reaching your highest potential — so don’t ignore them. Honor your aspirations and abilities: Ask your boss how to secure a promotion, apply for that senior role at a new company or switch to a career path that aligns with your true passion.

Date Off-Type
Do you always fall for the dreamy artist? Or perhaps the buttoned-up scholar? Open yourself to a new kind of connection by accepting a date with someone who doesn’t fully embody your usual type. Dropping a few items from your “date-worthy” checklist just might land you “The One.”


Chat Up a Stranger
Every person we meet has the potential to affect our lives, even in a single encounter. You never know what skills or perspectives your bus mate or fellow grocery line customer possesses that could enrich your world — and it can happen in seconds! Instead of keeping your eyes averted, be open to these opportunities.

Do Something That Scares You
Ignoring the things that frighten us won’t make them disappear — embracing them will. Push through your fears by periodically tackling an activity you’ve always wished you had the courage to do. Start by dining alone at your favorite restaurant. Work your way up to booking a flight for a solo weekend away. Life’s too short to fill it with regrets.

Wear a Reminder
As your willingness to expand grows, so does your world. Here are two ways to keep your promise of personal growth close to your heart—so that you’re regularly reminded of your commitment to breaking free of your comfort zone.

The ALEX AND ANI Bike Charm Bangle can inspire you to pedal out into the world and breathe in the fresh air of unexplored territories. And the ALEX AND ANI Tree of Life Expandable Wire Ring reminds you of your innate potential to grow.

Written by Anna Pezik.

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