Different cultures around the world have a large, unique celebration about the change of seasons. There is much power in connecting and celebrating with the seasons to form community. Discover some traditions behind a few cultures that celebrate welcoming spring.


Sweeping Up and Picnicking in Iran
Iran, and many other places, celebrate Nowruz. Norwruz literally translates to “the new day” in Persian and happens around March 21st. This 13 day celebration is incredibly powerful through embracing the occurring change. Today, Nowruz is celebrated by spring cleaning the home, purchasing new clothes for the season, and spending time with family and friends. Finally, an outdoor picnic called “Sizdebedar” is had on the 13th day.

Wonderfully Water Soaked in Thailand
In mid-April, the streets of Thailand become sun soaked…as well as water soaked! This is due to the celebration of Songkran, or the Water Festival. Songkran stems from the Sanskrit word  “saṃkrānti,” which is all about transformation and change. This day marks the new year in Thailand. Throughout history, a small amount of water was sprinkled on a person for respect, blessings, and to wash away any sins. People still pour water on Buddha statues in ceremony, and it’s encouraged that young people who moved away return home for a visit. While all of these traditions are still celebrated, it has transformed over time into a big water fight as well! Streets close down so the fun and symbolic splashing can begin.

Catching Color in India
Holi is a colorful Hindu festival in which people throw powder in vibrant hues at each other. It represents good defeating evil and an opportunity to mend broken relationships. The powder is made from traditional Ayurvedic healing herbs in colors representative of spring and joy. Children and adults carry water balloons filled with colored water and water guns and are equipped to douse the people around them.


Singing in the Streets of Spain
Las Fallas, a festival in Spain, is a lively five-day celebration. What began in Middle Ages as a wood burning ceremony has turned into a spirited celebration for Saint Joseph. The streets of Spain transform into a giant party including the sounds of big bands and parades filled with animated characters. Fireworks, a fire parade, bonfires, and ceremonially burning the characters they have constructed for the are all part of the festivities.

You Can Celebrate Spring, Too!
The world is in tune with the positive energy that celebrations bring. When you welcome spring, you are sending out a message of gratitude to the universe in an impactful and special way.

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