There are many symbols that have special qualities about them, dating back to civilizations before our time. The arrowhead, specifically, is rooted in protection and security. Read on to discover the history and symbolism of this not-just-Native-American symbol.


Arrowheads are among the most easily recognized artifact in the world and often the subject of a number of misconceptions. They are commonly associated with Native American history here in the United States. Over decades, many people have found these delicate artifacts in their backyards buried only a few feet underground. However, the arrowhead has been around much longer than one may think, dating back to the stone age, and have been found all over the world.

An arrowhead, also known as an arrowpoint, is the pointed tip of an arrow. Throughout history, these tips have been crafted out of numerous materials such as stone, bone, or horn. The arrow shafts that would be home to the handmade arrowheads were constructed out of wood and decorative feathers – all of which were used when hunting for food.

Native Americans have long believed that wearing an arrowhead around your neck is a symbol of protection and strength. It has also acted as an icon of courage, protecting whoever wore it from illnesses and negative energy.

Wear the Arrowhead Expandable Necklace or the Arrowhead Charm Bangle as a safeguard. It will inspire deflection of that which does not serve you. As you journey through life, know that you are protected with sacred wisdom.

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