If you thought Spoon Rings had a storied past, you won’t believe how far back cuff bracelets go! Hint: Nefertiti and Cleopatra.


The Beginning
From Asia to Egypt, the cuff style bracelet has had quite an existence. While they have come in many different shapes and sizes over the course of history, the general facet is their ability to slip over the wrist with ease. Some cultures were known for bedazzling their beloved cuffs, as this would signify wealth and royalty (even kings were known for sporting a cuff or two). More practically, cuffs were worn by soldiers in battle as protective armor, as well as decorative. This look also spawned its way into the hearts of fashion mongers everywhere in later centuries.

Pop Culture
Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman, Coco Chanel — these are a few of the iconic women (and characters) who’ve been spotted in their fair share of cuffs. Chanel first came out with the famous Maltese Cross cuffs that she was often photographed in. Former first lady Jackie O. wore cuff bracelets to a tennis game and made the brand’s sales skyrocket. Wonder Woman’s “Bracelets of Submission” are not only renowned, they’re metaphoric: representing that she is bound by love.

The Present
Our new line of cuff bracelets features sleek styles in bright colors and funky patterns. Wearing well with virtually any other type of jewelry, our cuff bracelets speak to the same feminine power Wonder Woman upheld — love, honor, and strength. Also available in sterling silver is our selection of LIBERTY COPPER Cuffs, representative of another fearless female: Lady Liberty. Whichever cuff is up your alley, there are centuries of fashion cred to support you!

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