Look beneath the surface and you’ll find many symbols of healing, tranquility, and more in the ocean’s depths.


There are so many ways the ocean can soothe: The steady roar of the tide can restore a peaceful energy; the cool water can take the edge off a hazy, hot, and humid day. What’s more, the ocean itself is a symbol of stability, because it remains unchanged with each passing century. Look beneath the surface and you’ll find many symbols of healing, tranquility, and more in the ocean’s depths.

The ocean’s changing colors can soothe your soul. The color blue can bring a sense of joy and calm into your life, as well as making you feel your true self-worth. Can’t make it to the shore? Studies show that simply gazing at images of nature can lower stress levels. Keep that oceanic calm close at all times by wearing the blue-hued Ocean Square Halo Beaded Bangle.

Coral offers both protection and wisdom. Ancient Egyptians placed coral in tombs to protect against evil spirits. Today, coral is associated with wisdom, optimism, enthusiasm, and balance. Bring harmony to your life by wearing the Coral Spearhead Beaded Bangle, the Coral Horizon Beaded Bangle, or both!

Saltwater cures all. A great percentage of our bodies are made up of salt water, so it only makes sense that Plato asserted, “The sea cures all ailments of men.” Throughout time, salt water has been said to cure all sorts of ailments—from depression to skin conditions. While modern medicine hasn’t proven its medicinal powers (yet?), it’s hard to deny the power of a refreshing dip in a cool ocean.

Dolphins open your heart to love. Whether you find an opportunity to go swimming with dolphins, or just catch a glimpse of these adorable, intelligent animals from afar, take heart: It’s believed that dolphins open your heart to love. Looking for love this summer? Wear the Dolphin Charm Bangle and stay open to anything.

The octopus stimulates creativity. This eight-legged, two-brained creature symbolizes purity and creativity. The octopus spirit guide is known for having a sharp spiritual psyche—and can inspire you to tap into your own hidden potential.


Written by Mandy Carr

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