As summer fades to fall, a new energy is present. Mother Nature is changing, beckoning you to acknowledge the similar shift within. Look around, notice the signs, and let them inspire a new chapter – it’s time to create your universe.

With the belief that you can do anything, consider this question:

How can you harness your power to propel yourself forward? Remember, fall is a time of transformation. Discover your limitless potential and create the universe you envision. It’s time to be your best self.

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As you consider these sentiments, we invite you to learn more about the fall 2017 collection and yourself:

Create Your Universe: Inspired by pure power and spirit, our seasonal collection features beaded bracelets and exclusive sets in deep shades of green, red, violet, and blue. These richly colored pieces layer beautifully for a fall-inspired look to remind you of your abilities and talents.





PATH OF SYMBOLS and Tokens: Our popular collection features fresh designs and a touch of sparkle in bangles, necklaces, rings, and cuffs. Classics like the CalaveraHealing Love, Cosmic Balance, and Godspeed return with amplified energy while the Evil Eye, Arrowhead, Horn, and a new original symbol, the Spirited Skull, emerge with a powerful message of strength. With the belief that you can do anything, harness your power with powerful icons from PATH OF SYMBOLS and Tokens.






Words Are Powerful: Our classic collection features four new additions evoking the journey of self-discovery. Slow down and enjoy the moment with Just Breathe. Harness your power and seize the day with Create Your Destiny. Remind yourself of your blessings with Thankful. Channel your desire for adventure with Wanderlust.


Color Palette: Ignite your soul with beautiful beaded bangles in hues reminiscent of fall’s rich energy. From deep reds and oranges to rich blues and purples, the Color Palette Collection adds seasonal flair to your stack while inspiring strength and spirit. If you prefer a little sparkle, check out the latest bangles adorned with shimmering Swarovski® crystals in autumn-inspired colors.


CHARITY BY DESIGN: Make a difference with three new additions to our CHARITY BY DESIGN collection.

Foster lasting friendships between children with pediatric brain tumors and athletic teams with the Elephant Charm Bangle. This adorable 3D piece benefits Friends of Jaclyn.
Help build homes for those in need with the Queen Bee Charm Bangle. This design features a yellow Swarovski® crystal and supports Habitat for Humanity.

Make the dreams of children with life threatening illnesses come true with the True Wish Charm Bangle. This glittering piece is adorned with a star-shaped Swarovski® crystal and supports Make A Wish Foundation.


Earth Sultry: This gorgeous collection of gemstone expandable necklaces welcomes the addition of five new stones. Rose Quartz inspires calmness and self-love, Turquoise promotes guidance and safety, Moss Agate channels connection and harmony, Tiger’s Eye inspires balance and connection, Amethyst promotes tranquility and contentment, and Obsidian channels protection and growth. Adorn yourself with these special stones to elevate your spirit and add a personal touch with our newest necklace charms.


Precious Metals: Make an elegant and symbolic statement with the latest additions to our Precious Metals Collection. Crafted in sterling silver, 14kt gold plated sterling silver, and 14kt rose gold plated sterling silver, this fine jewelry instantly amps up any look. Available in bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, choose from the PATH OF LIFE, Calavera, Hand of Fatima, Ankh, Infinity, and more.



Kindred Cord: Our popular pull cord bracelet collection expands with five new inspiring charms. Each one features a mini mantra to ponder as you embark on exciting adventures. Choose from Thankful & Grateful, Be Happy, Shine Bright, Dream Chaser, and Laugh Often.



With the belief that you will achieve greatness, we invite you to share your fall look using #ALEXANDANI on social media for a chance to be featured on

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