Why wait till New Year’s? Use the natural power and beauty of the autumn season to tap into some short-term pursuits now. 


Autumn always inspires a fresh outlook — we all get that “back-to-school” feeling of new beginnings even as adults. Take advantage of that energetic vibe and plan to make one of your dreams come true before the year ends.

Embrace change
Fall’s ever-changing beauty signals a call for change in our lives. Take time to quietly reflect: What do you want to change, improve, or shed? Think in terms of small, specific goals and write them down in a place that you can return to often for inspiration (a bedside journal or your phone).

Use the equinox as your guide
Tie your seasonal goals to a reasonable deadline: Define your desires by the fall equinox (Sept 22) and set the winter solstice (December 21) as a firm deadline for completion. Be mindful of the leaves falling throughout the autumn as you work toward your objective. Use aromatherapy to stay balanced and focused each day — try a spritz of our Scent 7 Body Mist. And look forward to the winter scents and flavors (think: wood-burning fires, cinnamon spice lattes) that will mark your success.


Meditate daily
Venture into the season with meditation in mind. Find a scenic, peaceful outdoor location where you can be alone. Focus on your breathing as you calm your spirit and envision yourself pursuing and accomplishing your new goal. To give yourself added power, consider wearing an ALEX AND ANI Moon Pull Chain Bracelet along with our Sodalite PRECIOUS THREADS Bracelet — the sodalite stone is said to provide direction towards an intention.

Keep an attitude of gratitude
One of the most universally celebrated American holidays is Thanksgiving. There is much to learn from the notion of gratefulness as it pertains to your new commitment to yourself: Be thankful for the effort you’re putting into achieving your goals and to the season for inspiring you. Repeat your gratitude out loud to stay empowered along your journey.

Reap the benefits
The harvesting of crops is a labor-intensive activity that marks the end of the growing season. And because it’s such hard work, the end of the harvest is cause for celebration in many religions and cultures. Take a page from this tradition: once your efforts yield a fruitful return, be sure to commemorate it in some way. Why not mark your accomplishment with an Calavera Cuff Bracelet — a symbol of celebration and the cycle of life, much like watchings the leave change.

Written by Brittany Dandy

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