In honor of the recent launch of our New Beginnings Charm Bangle benefiting The ONE Campaign, we’re thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Atalay, ONE member and community partner, The ONE Campaign, as a guest blogger. Atalay discusses the message and meaning of the bangle and discovering her own new beginnings.


Like many other Rhode Islanders, I have been cheering Alex and Ani on from the sidelines since the first store opened in Newport. Along with my love of their meaningful designs, I have always admired their Charity by Design division. I care for a number of the non-profits Charity by Design works with and supports, but my connection to the New Beginnings bangle takes it to another level altogether.

The poignant message of the New Beginnings bangle to benefit ONE symbolizes both the positive energy of the wearer, and the positive energy put out into the world through its purchase. Having participated in grassroots campaigns as a ONE community partner, a relationship between these two organizations that both meant so much to me seemed a perfect fit. I introduced Alex and Ani and ONE just over two years ago in hopes of a collaboration. The ONE Campaign has been cultivating new beginnings for millions around the world in the quest to end extreme poverty and preventable disease through advocacy, and action for the past decade. Both ONE and Alex and Ani support the hope of new beginnings on a daily basis.


Life is really a series of new beginnings; each new day brings new possibilities for each of us, and change is the one constant in our lives. As a mother, I find that as my children grow, my own identity shifts as well. I am no longer the mother of babies all consumed with their care. Now as a mother of school age children, I have been able to focus on other things outside of the home. This has meant exciting new beginnings for my work life. I have had the opportunity to return to my documentary background in a new digital platform by founding, and have found it exhilarating to get back to the global issues that spark my passion.

Soon the African sun will be shining down on me as I embark on a new media fellowship trip to Ethiopia, my New Beginnings bangle glinting in the sun on my wrist as it reminds me:

“You have limitless opportunity to positively lead and affect others, to empower yourself to shine brighter than yesterday, to let your passions spark action. Embrace the energy of this powerful charm and create your own new beginning.” – Alex and Ani

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