During this graduate season, use our gift guide to discover four unique and meaningful graduation gift ideas for your recent college or high school graduate.


Customized graduation gifts are a wonderful way to show the graduate in your life that you’re perfectly attuned to the positive energy flowing through her life. And creating a gift unique to the individual is easier than you might imagine.

These four gift ideas allow you to celebrate the specific occasion—graduating is a big deal after all!—while also adding a touch of personality that will energetically connect to her essence while lighting her journey through the coming months and years.

1. “Caps” Off – A classic icon of success, the graduation cap marks the culmination of years of dedication and fortitude. Gift her the 2018 Graduation Cap Charm Bangle or Class of 2018 Charm Bangle to symbolize her accomplishments and the endless possibilities of the future. If she is embarking on another exciting journey after graduation, consider the Reach for the Stars Set as well.

2. “Pledge” Loyalty – If she holds her alma mater near and dear, add another layer of meaning to your college graduate’s gift with our Collegiate and Sorority collections. These collections work particularly well when you create a custom stack of graduate jewelry tailored to her interests, ambitions, and goals.

3. “Ring” in the Future – Looking for something a little more unexpected? Check out our Ring  Collection, including ring wraps and spoon rings. Featuring a variety of symbols, such as Fortune’s Favor and the popular PATH OF LIFE, these precious metal pieces will inspire your recent graduate to passionately chase her dreams.

4. “Hooked” on Milestones – Graduation is worth celebrating in a big way, so why not make a statement with Chain Station? This unique gift allows the wearer to commemorate milestones and more through a charm necklace. Start her off with a necklace, such as the Moss Agate Pendulum Necklace to symbolize new beginnings and abundance in all new endeavors. Then add a meaningful charm or two, too. We love Swarovski® Crystal Necklace Charms for a dash of vibrant energy alongside a personalized symbol or timeless charm to capture her truly unique essence!

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