This afternoon we had the pleasure of attending the Go Red for Women Luncheon at the Rhode Island Convention Center sponsored by the American Heart Association Southern New England chapter. Event Chair and President and CEO of Kent Hospital, Sandra Coletta, kicked off the event by talking about kind gestures that warm our hearts before segwaying into addressing heart health and the smart choices that we can all make every day in order to try to prevent heart disease. This event timed with the much-anticipated recent announcement of Kent Hospital’s partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a provider of cardiology services.

Afterwards, guest speaker, Chandra, spoke about her story: Chandra and her best friend, Annemarie, were headed to Mohegan Sun for a concert. On their way there, Annemarie thought she had heartburn and kept mentioning the discomfort. When they got to the venue, Annemarie collapsed suddenly in Chandra’s arms. A nurse nearby saw and ran over to perform CPR. Annemarie ended up having a seizure. During this traumatic event, Chandra remembered CPR and was blessed with the gift of being able to help save Annemarie’s life.

The event ended with a poignant reminder by Rhode Island-native and blogger, Audrey McClellan, discussing how social media can, quite literally, save lives. She encouraged everyone to share their stories to spread awareness, offer advice and provide support to one another helping to put and end to this by fighting together.

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