Give an infusion of strength and energy to someone who’s enduring tough times.


If there’s someone in your life who’s suffering this holiday season, offer them a talisman they can touch — a sacred symbol that taps into ancient wisdom and illuminates the light inside us all.

For someone who suffered during a natural disaster: Wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters can cause physical and emotional upheaval. Brighten the spirits of a displaced friend or family member with the Tree of Life Charm Bangle, so they can grow their roots where they land.

For someone going through a divorce: Divorce can shatter a person’s belief in the sanctity of love. Remind your friend or relative that love is the energy that powers the universe — and that many people care deeply for them — with the Healing Love Cuff.

For someone who has lost a loved one: The death of someone dear to you is one of the most trying experiences in a person’s life. Honor their memory with a pair of Calavera Earrings, which feature the sugar skull, a joyful symbol of the never-ending cycle of life.

For someone who is in recovery: Moving past addiction requires immense faith in a power greater than yourself. As you support your loved one, gift them the Guardian Angel Charm Bangle as a reminder that light guides them and walks beside them every day.

For someone who is chronically ill: Someone suffering from a disease or chronic illness needs your love, support, and also a tangible talisman of strength, such as a Spirited Skull Necklace, as a reminder that we all have an inner wellspring of power.

For someone far from home: Whether they’re in college, in the military, or just living in a city far away from those they hold dear this time of year, they may feel like a stranger in a strange land. Let the Compass Charm Bangle show them that all paths eventually lead home.

For someone who lost their job: Losing a job can cause financial setbacks and leave a person wondering about their future. Gift your loved one the Four Leaf Clover Ring Wrap to bring them good luck and prosperity.

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