Channel sunny, happy seashore vibes with these instant-ocean ideas. 


Thoughts of summer inevitably conjure visions of sand between your toes and waves crashing onto the shoreline as the sun either shines high overhead or sinks into the horizon. Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to live within driving distance of the shore. So next time you’re craving some ocean vibes, make the beach come to you! Use these ideas to feel like you’re at the seashore—no actual saltwater required.

Sport nautical style. Bring new meaning to summer Fridays with a chic but comfy Breton striped shirt and white flat-front pants. Subtle anchor, shell, or whale prints are also fun—just try not to go, er, overboard.

Try some aroma therapy. Use scented candles to instantly transport you to the water’s edge. Evocative scents such as coconut, sea grass, tropical citrus or boardwalk funnel cake will fill your entire home with “at the shore” vibes.

Give yourself sea-salt waves. Get beachy locks by spritzing your hair with a texturizing sea salt spray for that wind-tossed, summery look. You’ll look like you’re on vacation, even if you’re just running errands.

Blast those songs of summer. There’s nothing like your favorite vintage summer jam to take you back to the beach in spirit. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from summers past and turn up the volume for a happy, carefree outlook.

Embrace that seaside charm. Wear a subtle reminder of your favorite summer vacation spot, like beachy charms and vibrant beads, to feel like you’re there even when you’re miles away. Or get inspired by one of the other pieces in our new summer collection!

Written by Julie Pennell

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