The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom and we’ve shed our cold-weather layers for good. Spring is (for real this time) finally here! Celebrate the season of renewal with an uplifting soiree to get your friends into dresses, outside and back together. After a lazy winter this may sound a bit daunting, but put your worries aside because we’re here to help! Send an email invite, begin browsing Pinterest for recipes – or better yet, make it a potluck – and we’ve got the details covered.

Ambiance is an important element of any garden party. Here are a few tips to create an inviting space for your guests:

Enliven your terrace with flora. Plants breathe life and color into any space. Even if you don’t have Martha’s green thumb, tabletop floral arrangements and hanging plants will do the trick. Keep tabletop arrangements low to not disturb conversations between seated guests and hanging plants visible but out of high-traffic paths.

Ignite positive energy. Nothing sets the mood quite like candles! Spread them throughout your space, or for a serious wow factor, choose a combination of harmonizing scents and group several candles together in a modern display of increased aroma! We love the blended scent of patchouli and vanilla when lighting our Lotus Peace Petals and Path of Life candles together.

Bring the indoors out. Add intimacy to your garden party by bringing the comfort of pillows and throws to your outdoor furniture. Guests will enjoy these little luxuries that provide warmth as conversations linger on long after the sun has gone down. For further amenity, we also suggest an indoor-outdoor rug to bring it all together.

Offer fanciful favors.  Adorn glasses with our wine charms and at the end the night, make a grateful toast to friendship! Thank guests for their company and invite them to take their charm home as a token of your unbreakable bond. As an added on-theme treat, place a basket of sunflower seeds at your door for friends to snack on for the ride home.

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