Valentine’s Day is sweet and all, but there’s something that’s just so special about celebrating your best girlfriends on Galentine’s Day, February 13th.


Galentine’s Day was put on the map by Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation. Who can forget her enthusiastic claim: “It’s only the best day of the year!” This casual celebration with friends is a fun little way to “one up” all the hype surrounding February 14th, and the perfect excuse to grab some quality time with your girls. Check out this gift guide to help you find a personal way to show each of them how much they mean to you.

For your “we go waaaay back” friend: You’ve known each other forever and at some point back in middle school, you probably each wore a necklace with two halves of one heart. This year, give that idea an upgrade and share the Best Friends Set of 2 Charm Bangles with her.

For the friend that dreams big: She’s optimistic, exudes girl power, and is everyone’s biggest cheerleader. Give her the Daisy Charm Bangle to remind her of her own amazing, infinite potential.

For the friend who gets you through the hard times: She’s there when you’re at your best, your worst —and your wit’s end. She’s the anchor that keeps you grounded through all of life’s storms, so there’s no better fit for her than the Anchor Charm Bangle.

For the friend with a case of wanderlust: She’s already checked off a few destinations so far, but her travel bucket list is still pages long. The best gift for this adventurous spirit is the Mon Amie Butterfly Color Infusion Charm Bangle — a reminder that wherever she flies off to next, there will always be friends back home who can’t wait to hear the details about her latest expedition.

For your friend who wishes she’d gone to Hogwarts: She loves Harry Potter. You love her. Show that you pay attention to the things she cares about by giving her a HARRY POTTER™ Always Charm Bangle — she’ll feel spellbound by the warmth of your friendship.

For your starry-eyed friend: She lives each day according to what her horoscope says, and considers “What’s your sign?” the perfect get-to-know-you question. (After all, that’s how she decided you two were destined to be BFF.) Get her the Zodiac Two Tone Charm Bangle in her astrological sign.

For your superhero fan friend: She has all the comics, she’s at the theater on opening night and she’s obsessed with the CW’s DC crossover episodes. Celebrate her unique super powers as a great friend by gifting her with a Wonder Woman Color Infusion Charm Bangle or Expandable Necklace or Wonder Woman Lasso Knot Charm Bangle.

Written by Mandy Carr

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