You’ve seen them before, maybe even crunched them up or created some crafts with them. But did you know that the pinecone has an interesting back story and history? Pinecones have been used and revered in many ways – check out these fascinating facts about them.


Pinecones are Related to Fertility

The ancient Celts and Romans believed that the pinecone was directly related to child bearing. In fact, the Celts used to place a pinecone under their pillow if they were trying to conceive. The Ancient Romans used the pinecone as a sign of their goddess Venus, ruler of fertility and love.

Most Pinecones You See Are Female

The pinecone that we all know and love and that is depicted the most is actually the female part of the tree! The male pinecones are smaller, lighter, and don’t blossom in the way the ones we see are.

Pinecones Were Worshipped Throughout History

From Mayan gods like Chicomecoatl, to Ancient Egypt Gods like Osiris, to Greek gods like Dionysus — the pinecone was a central symbol in all of their cultures. Even today, the Pope’s sacred papal staffs all feature a pinecone near the top. There is even a giant statue of a pinecone outside the Catholic Vatican in the “Court of the Pinecone.”

Pinecones Are Related to Our Brain

There is a part of your brain called your pineal gland, actually named after a pinecone because of its shape, which is also called your third eye. This part of your brain is responsible for light receptors, sleep, and spiritually speaking, enlightenment. This is why pinecones were highly worshiped for centuries and used as a symbol of enlightenment. 

Pinecones Can Warn About Wildfires

If you see a pinecone on the ground and the scales are wide open, it means that the air is dry, increasing the risk of a forest fire. If it is closed, it indicates moisture and lowering the risk. When in doubt, look down and examine.

Some Pinecones Can Be Healthy

The pine nut is actually one of the most nourishing foods in nature.They are loaded with protein, Vitamin K, L, and B1, magnesium, and zinc. Also, many cultures have turned these nuts into coffee and jams used to treat many different ailments.

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