At ALEX AND ANI, we’re proud to work with various organizations all over the world to foster positive change. One such partnership with Friends of Jaclyn supports children battling brain tumors and other pediatric cancers.

The organization was started when then-nine-year-old Jaclyn Murphy was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma (cancerous brain tumor) and promotes her wish to help young people with cancer have a team to rally them through it. The purchase of our Elephant Charm Bangle will help Friends of Jaclyn make a difference for kids with cancer.

Curious, clever, and playful, elephants are social animals that form powerful bonds. Possessing a strong sense of loyalty, the elephant is protective of the members in its group. With a trunk up symbolizing luck, The Elephant Charm is a reminder that persistence and teamwork lead to success.


The Elephant Charm Bangle launched on March 26, 2012 – the anniversary of the day Jaclyn Murphy was diagnosed with the malignant brain tumor. Jaclyn had no idea of the challenges, events, and journey she was about to embark on. However, because Jaclyn is here to tell her story, March 26th has a special meaning to her and supporters of Friends of Jaclyn. You can watch and learn more about her inspiring journey on YouTube.

The important work of this charity is done to improve the quality of life for children battling childhood cancers including pediatric brain tumors like Jaclyn had. She was symbolically “adopted” as an honorary team member of a collegiate lacrosse team, and the support helped inspire her to keep fighting – and to find the fun in childhood. The organization’s central goal is to allow kids to “Live in the Moment … Play in the Moment,” and we are honored to be a part of their good work.

The ALEX AND ANI Elephant Charm Bangle is available in our exclusive RAFAELIAN GOLD and RAFAELIAN SILVER Finishes and pairs perfectly with the rest of your bangles. These are available at ALEX AND ANI retail locations,, and select authorized retailers.

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