Love mixing and matching as much as we do? ‘Tis the season to add another metal to your accessory game: Our rose gold finishes are here in the nick of time for the most romantic day of the year!


This rosy hue complements all shades of silver and gold; adding just the right amount of femininity alongside its neutral counterparts. With Valentine’s Day on its way, we’re channeling its romance and allure with all we adorn.

While we often find ourselves heading straight for traditional silver and gold, rose has been an option for hundreds of years. An alchemical blend of yellow gold and copper, rose gold was first introduced in 19th century Russia. Carl Fabergé, a popular jeweler of the time, began to implement the rouge metal into his creations, specifically his ornate Fabergé Eggs. As this trend’s popularity took off, so did its global presence.

In the Roaring 20s, rose gold saw increased demand yet again, as the lavish times gave way to glitz and glam galore. The lush pigment signified warmth and wealth, leading to its appearance in the most opulent designs. The next resurgence of the golden metal was during World War II, when platinum was brought to a screeching halt due to wartime necessity. Fast forward to present day and rose gold has once more seen a rise in notoriety, showing up everywhere from charm bangles to engagement rings.

Whether you’re hitting the town or a nearby mall, spice up your jewelry selection with the season’s most amorous tone.


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Kourtney Maglione
Written by Kourtney Maglione
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