During this festive time of year, it’s important to remember to give back. Whether you volunteer at a shelter, donate to charity, or send personalized holiday cards, embracing the spirit of the season will lift your mood and warm your heart.

Kay Cameron, owner of Kay Cameron Jewelers in Sayville, New York, fully embraces this philosophy with her Finders Keepers gifting program. Cameron leaves gifts throughout town with a note meant to brighten the recipient’s day and encourage them to repeat the sentiment in the future.

We were touched by her acts of kindness and wanted to share her story with our fans.


I got the idea to start “Finders Keepers” from a jewelers magazine five years ago and have been doing it ever since. Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, I leave one or two wrapped gifts around town each day until Christmas. They may be left on a bench, on a table in a restaurant, in a church, at a hospital, or almost any other visible location. The box is wrapped with ribbon and a sprig of greens.

An envelope is attached to the gift and reads:

“Finders Keepers,
No losers, no weepers.
You’ve been gifted and we hope your spirits are lifted!”

Inside the envelope is a warm holiday message:

Here’s an early holiday package for you because you deserve it!
Wear it, share it, or give it away.
We hope this brings a smile to your face or a little joy to your life.”

Last year, a woman came to the store to thank me for her gift. We talked for a while and she mentioned it was the only present she received. She was the second person to say that. My heart broke, but I was happy to have brightened her holiday in some way.

I have been doing this for many years and it has been a fabulous success. My hope is that others will embrace this wonderful act, as it is so important to pay it forward.



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