Fashion season is upon us and several of our fashionable employees are heading to New York City to hit the streets for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Of course, being the prepared, (+) positive energy company we are, we want to make sure that our editor friends are ready to go, too, so we’ve prepared survival kits with our fashion week essential faves and wanted to give our fans a sneak peek.

Every stylish workaholic needs:
1. an eco-friendly tote: because you’re always on the go.
2. hand sanitizer: to ensure each cab ride stays germ free.
3. EMERGEN-C: to stop any signs of a cold before they start.
4. energy bars: to keep you energized during the long days ahead.
5. notepad and pen: for taking all those important notes during the shows.
6. mints: to keep you feeling fresh.
7. and of course a bangle set: to add sparkle to your already charmed arms.

We will also be sharing content live all the way from the runway to backstage so be sure to check back often for updates. xoxo

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