The fall is all about recognizing the power within yourself, embracing it, and making it work in your favor. But how do you do this, and how can color help guide you?


Our Fall Collection is inspired by colors of power. Deep greens from the forest. Reds from the earth. Violet and blue hues found at dusk.

These royal colors contain great and powerful energies that draw you in. Their richness stimulates every sense. Let the colors of the season inspire you to find — and feel — your own power. Use this guide to navigate our Fall Color Palette, and capture the energies that each color helps you channel.


Green is a color that is rich, vibrant, and very much alive. Choose deeper shades of green to help manifest the success and good fortune you see in your life. Mix in pale shades of green to help fuel feelings of balance and harmony, no matter what is going on around you.

Go green with pieces like the Radiance bangle, Spirit Spiral, and Starlight beaded bangle in Forest. Embellish your look with the Pine Beaded Bangle, adorned with Swarovski® crystals to create a brilliant flare of color, or the Luminous Green Crystal Precious Threads bracelet.


Red is a fiery color that is best worn when you want to channel your passion and be reminded to persevere, against all odds. When you wear red, you are a force to be reckoned with. Red can inspire your diligent side, and is a wonderful color to wear when you want to get things done.

Set your fall look ablaze with Crimson versions of the Radiance bangle, and the Starlight beaded bangle. Be inspired by the Primal Spirit bangle in Rosewood or Savanna, and the Swarovski® beaded bangle in Poinsettia.


Don’t underestimate the power of purple, which can help you tap into your most intuitive side. Like the most perfect sunset of the season, shades of violet can promote calmness and healing, clearing negative energy to let the positive shine through. What’s more powerful then leading your positivity?

Find clarity with pieces including the Radiance bangle, Spirit Spiral, and Starlight beaded bangle in Plum. Make a statement with the Plum Warrior Wrap, and stack on the Aubergine Primal Spirit Wrap to complete your look. (Fun fact: aubergine means eggplant in French — hence the deep purple hue of this wrap!)

The Sugarplum Beaded Bangle with Swarovski® crystals is another seasonal standout, reflecting the light and creating unmistakable color.


It’s ironic that “feeling blue” has become synonymous with sadness, because deep blue represents powerful vibes of wisdom, precision, and truth. Lighter shades help evoke feelings of tranquility and peace. Wear blue when you’re looking to find or speak your truth, or want to channel the kind of serenity that comes at dusk, when a well-spent day is winding down.

Keep calm and clearheaded with pieces including the Spirit Spiral, Starlight Beaded Wrap, and Warrior Wrap in Dusk. Mix in varying shades with the Primal Spirit bangle in Wilderness and Abyss. Add some shine with the Chill Beaded Bangle with Swarovski® crystals, and finish your look with the Light Sapphire Crystal and Cornflower Braid Precious Threads.


Choose a monochromatic look to focus in on a specific energy, or mix and match to awaken with the different types of energies that live within your. Harness your power this fall, and let color help set you up for success as you do.

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Kate Brierley
Written by Kate Brierley
A proud mom of two toddler boys, I believe in handwritten notes, rescue pets, family beach days, and sour candy. I am a Senior Campaign Copywriter who writes for our retail stores, brochures, advertisements, and more. My favorite quote is: “They thought blueprints were too sad, so they made them yellow.”