Celestial lunar cycles guide us along our path. Tap into cosmic energy and discover the fascinating facts and tidbits of trivia about the moon and stars.


The shifting moon each month reminds us that change is a constant. The stars signify the infinite possibilities these changes may bring. As the Strawberry Moon of June progresses, we bask in the bounty of summer—the sweet taste of fresh foods renewing our energy and sense of purpose.

The moon and stars offer guidance and a light in the darkness. Throughout time farmers, astrologers, poets watched the lunar cycles for knowledge and inspiration. Scientists have looked to the moon and stars—celestial icons that watched the first flickering breaths of life on Earth—for answers to life’s most pressing questions.

Learning about the moon and stars teases out intriguing pieces of history—Native Americans named each moon of the year according to the weather or the harvest, each moon imbuing our life with meaning and opportunity to grow, change, and nurture. The Wolf Moon of January eventually becomes the sweet Strawberry Moon of June, which will transition back into September’s Harvest Moon as lunar cycles mark the passage of each year.

Look to these tidbits of moon and stars trivia for inspiration as the waxing and waning of the Full Strawberry Moon guides you through the month.

1. It’s A Small Moon After All – The moon we know may seem big, but there are much larger moons elsewhere in the solar system. For example, one of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede, is the largest with a diameter of about 3,260 miles compared to ours at about 2,159 miles. Wear the striking Moon and Star Layered Chain Necklace and Icy Moon Crystal Precious Threads Bracelet to remind you that light is a continued presence, even in darkness.

2. Twinkle, Twinkle – Contrary to the classic nursery rhyme, stars don’t actually twinkle. This dazzling effect is a result of how the star’s light passes through Earth’s unsteady, layered atmosphere. Since the layers differ in thickness, the light ricochets in different directions as it passes through, creating the “twinkling” we see from the ground. Allow the Moon and Star Post Earrings to twinkle throughout your day so others are reminded that these friends of the night are close, even when we cannot see them.

3. Metallic Meanings – Did you know that the moon has a connection to jewelry? It’s long been associated with silver, the “moon metal,” and is said to promote protection, peace, and balance. It’s also known to deflect negativity, so amp up your silver stack with our newest pieces for a positively perfect look. Pair the Moon Pull Chain Bracelet with a Moon and Star Ring Wrap in a different metal to truly harness the powerful energy of the lunar cycles.

The moon and stars remind us that pure love has no bounds. Celebrate the Strawberry Moon by adorning yourself with the Cosmic Balance Cuff to inspire infinite happiness in all of your endeavors.

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