Seventh grader Elizabeth Mitchell, 12, at Old Rochester Regional Junior High School walked into the girls locker room for phys. ed. class and noticed five Alex and Ani bangles on a bench in front of her locker.

As an Alex and Ani fan herself, Libbey understood the possible importance these bangles had to the owner and immediately brought them to the lost and found. The office receptionist, Mrs. Costa, thanked Libbey for doing the right thing and presented her with five yellow “good deed” cards.

Put in place as a reward system for good deeds and acts of kindness for students that go out of their way to help other students, the yellow cards are pooled by the school classrooms and the students receive prizes at the end of the year. 

Libbey’s story teaches us the importance of doing the right thing. No one is perfect and we don’t always do what’s right, but we should all strive to do so every day.

When faced with a situation like Libbey’s, remember that Today is an Opportunity for you to do the right thing and you can choose to take action, showing your courage, kindness and love. Remember, you will become the person you decide to be, which is why doing the right thing is always the right thing to do. 

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