June’s energies are solar-driven and love-oriented and its symbols are as radiant as the sunlight it evokes. This month, receive energies of creativity, family, and connection.

The Saxon people had various names for June, all of them referring to the land and pastures. In ancient times, June stood out from the rest of the year because of two important events: the shearing of sheep and the mowing of hay.

Its name has a disputed history. Macrobius, an ancient Roman writer, tells us that June may be derived from juniores, the young Romans to whom, in mythology, Romulus designated the city’s defense. Juniores (or iuniores) might also reference ‘young ones’ in general, as opposed to May, maiores, meaning ‘elders.’

Still, Ovid, the Roman poet, offers multiple origins for the name. He claims June is derived from the Latin junius, in which case the month would recall Juno, Roman goddess of marriage and the wife of supreme ruler Jupiter.

A burst of flowers begins the month, a refresher from springtime’s flora as summer steps into view: lilies of bright colors, yellow and orange, irises, poppies. The ground blooms with pinks of all kinds, roses display their deep garnet hues. While the spring’s tulips fade, trees start to bear succulent fruit. Berries and garden vegetables sprout, and on other terrains, near rocky areas and bodies of water, a collage of sea plants peeks up from the ground. Buttercups yellow the fields, and as the month progresses, clovers, white and red, add their colors to the blossoming beans and peas. With its invigorating perfume, honeysuckle, a symbol of love and renewal, comes up with the oak, a tree representing stability and life.

Early June’s woods and groves, bright in full foliage, house all sorts of life. Bumblebees striped black and gold busily visit the flowers. The days find birds taking flight and fledglings beginning to use their wings. Owls can be found roosting on branches, the cuckoo slightly changes his tune. Frogs and cicadas add their chirps to the chorus of birds, which by now is on the decline and will soon end till autumn. As the sun goes down, the clear music of the crickets can be heard.

A major national holiday of the month is Father’s Day on the 14th, when we honor the men in our life. It was also thought, in ancient times, that this stemmed from the celebration of the Greek god Zeus, whose festival traditionally occurred around mid June.

On the 21st is the summer solstice, when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator. It is the longest day of the year, marking the beginning of summer.

Light amethyst, the month’s birthstone, signifies confidence and empowerment. Astrologically, June’s signs are Cancer and Gemini. Cancers are home-loving nurturers, and value family, security, and tradition. Gemini, the sharp-minded twins, resemble partnership and communication; they are humorous and are associated with high-energy and connection.

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Written by Christopher Janigian