July is named after Julius Caesar, the legendary Roman general, who was born around the 12th or 13th. It was initially known as Quintilis, the fifth month of the old Roman calendar. To the Saxon ancestors, the name for July translated roughly to foliage month. This is fitting since flora are especially abundant in July.

Primrose and a host of golden flowers open up under the sun, swaying in the summer breeze, while wheat and barley bend gracefully in the light. White lilies, with their serene and clean hue, display their purity to the world. Though July is sometimes known as ‘the mute month,’ due to the birds’ silence, the month is vibrant with life. Wrens, swallows and partridges can be found roosting in fully-flowered trees, tending to their nests. Fishermen gather mackerel and salmon in babbling waters. Farmers watch the brilliant colors of strawberries, cherries, peaches, and apricots ripening. On sandy shores, sea lavender and other maritime plants spread their collage of rich colors. Oysters lay in rocky beds, some of them holding pearls.

July’s birthstone is the ruby, a crimson gem that gleams with energies of success and integrity, and is also associated with the attainment of bliss; the month’s flower is the water lily, emblematic of the heart’s majesty and pureness.

The month’s astrological signs are Cancer, until the 22nd, and Leo for the remainder of the month. Loyal and home-loving, Cancers are grounded in tradition and are often fascinated by history. Leos are born leaders, brave and savvy while also loving and sensitive.

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Written by Christopher Janigian