Nantucket was a buzz this holiday weekend with the news that Alex and Ani officially opened its doors to the public.  The weather was magnificent, and locals and vacationers alike, all welcomed us with open arms!

Sadly, Memorial Day is now behind us, but we are looking forward to a summer ahead filled with Positive Energy and introducing our jewelry to the island of Nantucket!

Today, at the Nantucket store, something happened that was worthy of sharing with all of you.  Below is a recount from one of our Boston associates who helped us open Nantucket this weekend…

“This afternoon we had a sparrow sitting outside of our store for hours looking in.  Eventually, as we were ringing up a customer he hopped into the store through the back door and took a round about the room much to everyone’s delight before hopping out the front door.  The customer then remarked that this was an omen of good fortune, so when she left we looked up the meaning of sparrows to find that they symbolize protection, creativity, community, and productivity.  ‘Sparrows derive power from their numbers…are vigilant in their goals…and use creativity to get around in life—thinking outside the box and using creativity to solve problems.’  We felt that this meaning really symbolized the Alex and Ani team and how everyone came together this weekend to get both the Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard stores up and running.” – Katie Coolidge, Alex and Ani Key Holder

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