Fathers shape us into who were are and deserve their special day. Celebrate Father’s Day with unique activities and meaningful gift ideas that show him you care.


There’s nothing like the relationship between a father and his child. Selflessly, our dads have cared and provided for us; they’ve taught us everything from right and wrong to throwing underhand and curveballs! It’s not often that they ask for anything, and when they want something, tend to get it themselves. This Father’s Day, gift your dad with a small token of appreciation from our new Men’s Collection and celebrate him with these fun Father’s Day activity ideas that cater to his favorite hobbies.

Check out some foolproof Father’s Day ideas to create a memorable day as special as your dad.

The Way to a Man’s Heart – It’s safe to say that most dads know how to appreciate some good bacon, burgers, or steak. Whether you start the day with a hearty breakfast or plan a meal later in the day, food is crucial to a successful Father’s Day! Start by considering your dad’s favorite dish. Is he a carnivore galore or a kale and quinoa kind of guy? Regardless of his taste, you’re sure to hit the ball out of the park by preparing or picking up the tab for your dad’s favorite eats!

Hit the Links – So your dad loves waking up early and chasing a little white ball around for hours on the weekends. Golf may not make much sense to you, but it’s what makes him happy. On a real note, golf is a lot of fun when in good company on a beautiful June day! Call the pro-shop and set-up a tee-time; not only will your dad appreciate your efforts, he’ll also love the opportunity to spend his Father’s ay doing activities he loves with the ones he loves most!

America’s Pastime – If watching sports is more of your dad’s speed, then taking him to a ball game is a great alternative for some quality time. As one of the most popular games, baseball conjures memories of childhood summers in all of us. Pair American pride and nostalgia with the dynamic energy that fills a baseball stadium and you’ll give dad a grand slam of a Father’s Day!

Meaningful Gift Ideas – Chances are your dad doesn’t need any more ties or socks and they’re not the most thoughtful gifts anyhow. He’s probably happiest that you spent quality time together on those fun Father’s Day activities. But to truly make the day feel special, you’ll want to give him a token of your love, We suggest slipping dad a special card and keep the gift simple, useful, and meaningful. Our favorite meaningful mementos in our Men’s Collection of wraps, cuffs, and necklaces infuse positive energy into every piece.

Men’s PATH OF LIFE Cuff: The knotted design of the Path of Life reminds us that we are all connected. If you live far from your dad, give him a reminder that no matter the physical distance, you are deeply connected to his love throughout the year, not just on Father’s Day.

Compass Men’s Braided Leather Wrap: A compass is more than a tool to navigate the high seas, it’s a powerful symbol that helps us chart a course through life. For the dad who still has big plans and goals to accomplish, the compass will help him chart a clearer course to all he wants from this beautiful life.

Shark Tooth Men’s Necklace: For the fearless the dad who has always protected you from life’s pains, gift him a pendant necklace that will give him the energy to continue meeting life head on, without fear.

Tiger’s Eye Men’s Necklace: Our gemstone collection taps into the ancient tradition and practices of using Earth’s most precious stones to ground our spirit. Beautiful Tiger’s Eye strikes just the right balance, and when paired with the Tiger’s Eye Men’s Beaded Wrap, your dad will have a powerful reminder of the wonderful Father’s Day you planned for him.

These small Father’s Day gift ideas are give your dad something to wear every day that serve as a reminder of the great day spent with you!


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