The ALEX AND ANI summer 2017 collection is filled with bright colors, natural stones, and special messages. The season of serendipity is about being in the right place at the right time. When your toes are in the sand and the sun warms your back, know that you are in this moment for a reason. Slow down, explore, and listen… soak up the signs and patterns you find in the natural world.


Expand your wardrobe this summer by pairing bold colors and signs from the universe with your outfit. Inspired by the hottest days of the summer, our collection features bright pops of color, geometric patterns, and the essence of the outdoors. Be sure to let the sunny days shine on with these beads.


Pops of color tend to make life more interesting, so why not sea what we have in store this season. Our new cuffs feature summer-inspired hues and patterns of bold twists, turns, and spirals. These cuffs are painted with passion and meant to guide you through the universal patterns you may recognize in your own life. Embrace their vibrant energy.


Seashells, starfish, and sand dollars galore! Our new charm bangles are shore to wow you with their intricate details, Swarovski® crystals, and Swarovski® pearls. Expand your chain necklace collection by adding new charms. Wave hello to the new expandable necklaces decorated with a wave blue nautilus and a kelp green nautilus, a type of dazzling sea creature.


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Sarah Viens
Written by Sarah Viens
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