ALEX AND ANI is both proud and excited to sponsor Scuderia Cazzani Offshore Racing Superboat. With support beginning in the 2013 season, this is the third year ALEX AND ANI has held this sponsorship. Jimmy Cazzani, race boat driver, is a longtime friend of founder, Carolyn Rafaelian, which catapulted the birth of this relationship.


The 2015 races began in Key West, Florida on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at the 35th Annual Key West World Championships. The festivities and the races run through Sunday, November 15.

Wanting to increase branding and recognition for the 2015 season, ALEX AND ANI took creative liberties in designing the racing suit and race crew polos that will be worn by all the crew and staff of the boat as well as ALEX AND ANI reps.


Last year, employees here at Headquarters were able to leave their mark and good luck messages on the boat before the upcoming season races. This week, fans at the race will also be encouraged to sign the boat as a unique way to commemorate the event.

On site, fans will have a chance to enter to win digitally based contests, where entrants must share their email to receive an ALEX AND ANI branded water bottle. Fans will also receive a $5 off coupon (using code “SUPERBOAT”) when they shop online throughout the duration of the races.


We invite you to watch the races on a live stream! Click HERE and be sure to click on the “Key West” races on the day you wish to view.

Good luck to our team and thanks to all those who are representing ALEX AND ANI as well as helping kick off this unique event for our fans!


Update: We’re thrilled to announce that the ALEX AND ANI Super Boat finished 4th in the final race on Sunday! The boat received thousands of signatures from fans leaving their well wishes and good luck to the ALEX AND ANI team during their time in Key West. Check out the highlight video below for a behind the scenes peek into the action!

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