March 5th to the 11th is MS Awareness Week. This is an important time to raise awareness of what life with MS can be like, engage your community in conversation, and learn what you can do to help. Whether through showing your support or making a donation, there are many ways to get involved that can make a difference.


1. Go Orange – Race to Erase MS works round the clock, dedicated to finding treatments and ultimately the cure for MS. Wear the color orange to show your support for the doctors, staff, patients, and researches that make strides every day toward this goal.

2. Be Social – Join the conversation during MS Awareness week. Use the hashtag #WeareStrongerthanMS to hear inspirational stories and to learn more about MS. We are strong when we are together, and these conversations connect us to each other across the world. Be sure to tag @RacetoEraseMS on Twitter to see what other people are sharing this week!


3. Get Involved – Creating change in this world can be a challenge, but one we can always rise to when we do it together. Throughout the country, there will be races, walks, and fundraisers that support the cause of erasing MS. The Cupcake Charm Bangle supports Race to Erase MS, and is the perfect accessory to show your support while attending a local event.

How will you participate in MS Awareness Week? Be sure to tag us on at @ALEXANDANI on Twitter and share your story with us.

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Olivia Dolphin
Written by Olivia Dolphin
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