May is American Stroke Month and we’re raising awareness on how to identify stroke and support the American Stroke Association (ASA). With 80% of strokes being largely preventable, there is no better time to align yourself with this mission.


1. Go Red – The official color of the American Stroke Association is red. Rock it all month long to show your support and rally with the cause! We are also proud to support the ASA through our CHARITY BY DESIGN Wings of Change Charm Bangle, representing recovery and rediscovery.

2. Be Social – Use #StrokeMonth to join in on conversations surrounding stroke and awareness. Get involved in the conversation, and stay up to date on events that the American Stroke Association has planned. Also, be sure to tag @American_Stroke across social media to show your support and help amplify their mission.

3. Be Informed – Knowing the signs of a stroke can save lives. Use the acronym F.A.S.T. to remind yourself what they are.

F = Face Drooping

A = Arm Weakness

S = Speech Difficulty

T = Time to call 9-1-1

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