Our lives are made up of connections, people, and places. It’s living art. What if you could create a physical representation of your special moments? Now you can with our latest collection, CHAIN STATION. Here’s our guide to building a necklace that encompasses your unique identity and tells your soul story: 


Step 1: Select Personal Pieces


The moment that you come into this world is a special one! Represent your astrological self by adding your Zodiac. Add a Spike Pendant in your birth stone to represent your birth month, and add your initials and the initials of your family members to signify your special bond.

Step 2: Showcase What’s Important to You:


With a variety of meaningful symbols, you are able to represent the the things you love in life. Have a special furry friend in your life? Keep them close to your heart with our Paw Print Charm. In a relationship? Add the Heart Charm to represent your love.

Step 3: Embrace Crystalline Energy and Channel Your Spirituality:


The crystalline matrix has been said to contain the powerful creative energies of the universe that are able to influence our thoughts and prayers. Select our light orange or yellow colored crystals to channel vitality and intellect. To promote harmony and love in your life, wear our purple and blue toned crystals. Looking for guidance? Add one of our Archangels to your necklace. Literally meaning “chief angels,” Archangels are keepers of wisdom, protection, and guidance.

It’s your story – tell it your way! Get creative and select charms that speak to you.

Start Your Soul Story with CHAIN STATION.

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Written by Kelly Schneider