Happy December! The last month of this beautiful, life-altering year. How was it for you? Well, if you haven’t thought about it, this month is going to help you! Things take a turn for the intense side as some of the planets move back into Scorpio, but then after the serendipitous new moon, the energy begins changing to take all that inward energy outward. Time to light a fire in your heart and set out your magic, baby!


December 1st — Mercury Retrograde Enters Scorpio

Happy December! Let’s start things off with a hefty dose of intensity. Mercury, which is currently retrograde, enters the intense sign of Scorpio. This planet of communication and thoughts embraces that Scorpio and being in retrograde means we turn those thoughts inward and towards situations in our past. Past wounds may surface and be projected on current situations, but they are coming up to be looked at and heal. You may feel the need to search for some hidden truth, as Scorpio loves to get to the root and truth of everything. Turn that obsessiveness into a creative passion, take a deep breath, and channel it into something you would be proud of.


December 2nd — Venus Enters Scorpio

When was the last time you had a connection with someone that resonated in your soul? That charged you so deeply, you felt more alive? Now is the time for those connections. Cheap appreciation takes a back seat as the planet of love and relationships enters the mystic and serious sign of Scorpio. Expect passion, intensity, depth, and a deep sense of closeness. You may feel suspicious of your partner, maybe even a little mistrusting. Be open, honest, and respectful and be aware of your own shadow in the relationship. This will bring the yummiest, beautiful, impassioned sense of romance.

December 6th — Mercury Direct in Scorpio

Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, has been retrograde since November 16th. Take a bow and a deep breath — you made it! It is now direct and moving forward, and so can your plans and communication with ease. What did you learn from this retrograde time? This Mercury retrograde period had a highlight on relationships, what truths have you uncovered? If something fell through, or something ended for you, fear not. Mercury retrograde does all the heavy lifting for us and guides us towards our deepest truth. If we were on a path that wasn’t aligned with that, mercury helps to show us that. Now is your time to act on that truth — it is time to act on anything that was shown to you. Life is made up of a series of changes, what is about to change for you?


December 7th — New Moon in Sagittarius // Mars Neptune Conjunction

Happy new moon, beloveds! This new moon is a powerful opportunity to plant the seeds to start something new that excites you on a soul level. Sagittarian energy is all about luck, serendipity, faith, optimism, and exploring to find truth. A new moon paired with this adventurous, soul-searching sign means a time to you’re a manifestation magnet to find something that enlivens you. To add to the serendipity of this time, Mars, the planet of action, meets with Neptune, the planet of dreams and intuition, for the only time this year. Spiritual journeys are at the forefront, making this a potent time to find your own magic and set it out. Be very mindful of keeping your feet on the ground, and only going with what feels right and true to you. Have boundaries with everything and everyone — your energy is precious, and it is powerful. Use it wisely.


December 12th — Mercury Enters Sagittarius

The serendipitous Sagittarius energy is expanding, and Mercury, which is now direct and free-flowing, enters this optimistic sign. Expect your thoughts and conversations to be inspired by philosophy, different cultures, different religions, different ideas. You get the point — different! Expand your horizons, your contacts, your circle, your beliefs. This is a prime opportunity to gain wisdom and knowledge and feed your curiosity. Remember, nothing that sparks your interest is an accident. Everything you are drawn to is a part of your job on Earth to follow and explore. This energy helps you on that journey. Happy expansion!


December 21st — Sun Enters Capricorn and Winter Solstice

Happy solar return, Capricorn! And, happy Winter Solstice! Sweet, honest, hardworking Capricorn energy surrounds us for the next few weeks. Expect a desire to work, get things clear and organized, and build. Think about what is happening in nature — the return of the light is here, and that light is also inside of you. This is a time to start setting out what you believe in and making sure the building blocks are laid properly.


December 22nd — Full Moon in Cancer

This is such a sweet, sensitive, beautiful full moon, in perfect harmony with the holidays. Cancer is an extremely home-oriented sign that focuses on tradition and nourishment. The full moon brings out our feels as it is, but paired with this emotional, sensitive sign, and the nostalgia of the holidays, and seeing people we may not usually see who might spark feelings of love or pain — you can expect emotions to surface. Take a look at them. What’s coming up for you? How are you truly feeling? This is such a powerful time to take a step back and be in awe of who you are and where you came from. Is there an opportunity to heal up a relationship? How about to release resentment you may be holding on to? Or, is this a time to snuggle up and receive and give all the nourishment you can to your loved ones? Tonight, do what you can to nourish yourself. Find what you need. Full moons are about release, and whether your release is a good cry, an honest conversation, or snuggling on the couch and watching holiday movies, do your thing. You deserve it.


December 31st — Mars Enters Aries

We’re ending this month with an absolute bang as Mars, the planet of action, assertion, and energy enters fiery and implosive Aries. This could be an amazing thing if you choose to use it in the right way. You can expect a fire lit in your heart, confidence is at a whole new level, and courage to show up and rock it is readily available to you. Just be mindful of focusing too much on yourself and being impulsive, argumentative, or arrogant. Focus instead on the passion that surrounds you to get things going!

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Ani Ferlise
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