The Carrie Underwood set is a beautiful combination that speaks to the unique and personal essence of one of country music’s darlings. During her 2010 Play On Tour, Carrie toured across the United States, and later the world, to bring her unique sound to her fans. Rolling Stone called her sound “equal parts Wild West rocker and country-pop anthem,” and we just call it enjoyable!

When Carrie Underwood’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, Corinna Calise, approached us with a goal of honoring this talented singer during her tour stop in Providence, RI, we knew just the combination of charms and bangles that would match the singer’s energy and complexity. Creating a personalized set for those you love and admire is a beautiful way to honor the divine energy within that person.


A natural first step for any personalized set of bangles is to select from our Zodiacs Collection. Born on March 10th, Carrie is a Pieces, which makes sense since they are often known to reveal great talent in the arts! We knew that the Pisces Charm Bangle would perfectly complement Carrie’s intuitive and highly creative energy.

With her zodiac covered, we needed the distinctive and personal touch of an Initial C Charm Bangle crafted with our RAFAELIAN GOLD Finish, which would add a timeless beauty to the set.


After adding beaded bangles from the Color Palette Collection, together we had created a gift worthy of one of the world’s brightest stars. In selecting your own pop of color, consider adding a beaded bangle with crystals, which tap into powerful creative energies of the universe.

With her set complete, Corinna met Carrie backstage before her live show and presented the singer with this personalized set of bangles. The singer accepted the set with “all smiles” according to Corinna’s mother!


We are so pleased to have been a part of this special moment for Corinna and Carrie – what an honor that you allow us to be a part of your memories.

Shop the ALEX AND ANI collections now to design your own personalized set, and consult with the Symbol Wall to find the perfect charm for the occasion.

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