Founder, CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Carolyn Rafaelian, was recently featured in People as one of 25 Women Changing the World.


While the current climate seems more downtrodden than it has in quite some time, Rafaelian’s Rhode Island gem stands as a positive beacon of light and hope. The jewelry and accessory brand owner believes in products that are more than just baubles to wear, but symbols to honor — or better yet, organizations to support. The philanthropic arm of her company is dedicated to giving back to not just one, but over 50 different non-profits — and to date, has donated more than $50 million to organizations across the globe.


“The law of the universe is the more you have, the more you have to give.”
– Rafaelian on her philanthropic business model.


In the November 12th issue of People, alongside 24 other trailblazing women — like Big Little Lies actress Laura Dern — Rafaelian recounts her organic decision to develop CHARITY BY DESIGN. This is People’s third annual list of inspiring activists, from moms demanding action to friends united for change.


“You can actually create a new blueprint, be generous and run a beautiful company.”


Giving isn’t just good business — it’s great practice.


The November 12th issue of People Magazine hits newsstands Friday, November 2.

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