Beyoncé, the Queen B herself, was spotted wearing Alex and Ani at a concert on July 31st in East Rutherford, New Jersey as part of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Through several Sasha Fierce outfit changes she kept on her Eye of Horus Bangle and rocked her charmed arms all the while rocking the crowd with her captivating stage presence.

Two days later, at Mohegan Sun, a fan caught JuJu being gifted another Live in the Moment Bangle during her performance of “Halo” [at 2:29, below] in addition to a bangle she was already wearing.

If you see any more charmed arm sightings, let us know. In the mean time, keep the positive energy flowing.

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Eye of Horus: The left eye of the Egyptian God Horus is associated with lunar energy that symbolizes intuition, good health, and protection in connection with the moon. With the intention of safeguarding the king in the afterlife, the eye of Horus is meant to ward off evil. Wear the Eye of Horus Charm for healing properties, reasoning abilities, and powers of protection.

Live in the Moment: Take today and make it count. Listen to your heart and take action now. Today is here. Tomorrow is not promised but is anticipated with much hope. All that you do, say, and feel sets the stage for tomorrow so remember that this moment has the power to ensure tomorrow’s happiness. Adorn yourself with the Live in the Moment Charm to open yourself up to the opportunities in today.

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