Welcome back for another look into Alex and Ani World Headquarters! This week, we’re showcasing these beautiful vintage signs from the early 1900s that sit atop a large wooden filing cabinet.


One of the signs advertises Fashion Park, a brand once considered the authority in style, tailoring and value in mens suits. We love the artwork on the sign and how it’s displayed using a leg to balance, similar to a frame!

The second sign is for Philco, a company that helped pave the way in battery, radio and television. It even lights up when plugged in, creating a soft glow for the sitting area below.


Create similar ambiance like that of the Philco sign with our Light and Ignite candle collection. Each candle holds a beautiful flame to empower good intentions and a unique fragrance to channel positive energy. In addition, the wood wick creates a soft, crackling sound as it burns to calm and soothe.

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Want more? Be sure to check back each week for another look inside Alex and Ani World Headquarters!

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Brendon Cunha
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