Welcome back for another beauty tip with Director of Beauty, Joseph Allaire. The holiday season is here, which means many of us will host gatherings in our homes. You may have plenty of festive decorations, but have you crafted the right ambiance?

When creating our new candle collection, Light and Ignite, I took many things into consideration. The candles needed to hold meaning through symbols and release a pleasant fragrance, but also needed to embody purity. Carolyn and I decided to make the entire collection white to represent the balance of all colors and the power of high vibrational white light. In ceremony, white candles are used to repel negativity while bringing peace and spiritual strength. It only makes sense to promote these feelings at your celebration and it’s easier than you think!

After all of your decorating is done, the food is prepared, and you are ready to receive guests, take a walk around your home. Take note of the space you will be entertaining in and where you can create a warm, inviting glow. Depending on how much light you wish to shed, place single or clusters of candles on various surfaces. This allows for different amounts of flickering light to be shed and evokes feelings of peace and comfort. Feel free to place them in unexpected places as well, such as the guest bathroom vanity, for added festiveness. They also feature a wood wick, which emits a soft, crackling noise to add just the right amount of festivity reminiscent of warm, winter fires.

Our Light and Ignite candle collection is available in a votive sample pack (excluding Turn Peace Up) which allows for experimentation with the scents throughout your home. Below is list of the full collection:

Nautical Anchor: An uplifting scent of gardenia and sweet citrus, the Nautical Anchor is a reminder to keep a clear mind amidst the tides of life.

Four Leaf Clover: A clean, fresh scent of herbal greens, the Four Leaf Clover brings yearlong fortune and evokes an appreciation for the gifts of the Earth.

Lotus Peace Petals: A rich, calming scent of patchouli, Lotus Peace Petals is an encouragement to rise from the darkness and flourish with enlightenment.

Path of Life: A romantic scent of soft vanilla, lime, and warm nutmeg, Path of Life celebrates infinite possibilities and positive twists of fate.

Tree of Life: An invigorating scent of sweet fig, the Tree of Life represents personal growth and evokes the eternal connection between mankind and Mother Earth.

Turn Peace Up: A revitalizing scent of citrus and bergamot, Turn Peace Up is a reminder that your thoughts and actions have the power to illuminate the world.

This special season is fleeting, so why not make the most of it with your family and friends? By creating the right ambiance at your gathering, you are opening the hearts and minds of your guests to the spirit of this sacred time of year and the power of positivity.


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