Introducing monthly beauty advice from our Director of Beauty, Joseph Allaire. It’s always a compliment when someone says: “Wow, you smell really good.” But choosing the right fragrance, that also suits you best, isn’t always easy, especially when there are endless fragrances to choose from. Now that the holidays are over, no doubt, you were given at least a couple of new fragrances, which begs the question: “Does she/he really know me well enough to determine how I should smell for the rest of the world?” I have always thought that one’s fragrance is a very personal choice, since it tells the world who you are without using words.

If you’re the discreet, reserved type, you may prefere a fragrance that is soft, subtle and quiet, like you. Those scents would likely be floral and powdery with a hint of musk. If you’re the bold, fun-loving and the social butterfly type who loves to be the life of the party, then you should opt for a fragrance that reflects that. Try wearing something with a lot of citrus notes, which are uplifting and make people happy. If you’re a bit more mysterious, versatile and sophisticated, you probably don’t fall into either category since you’re a bit of both. Your niche fragrance is probably a bit more exotic, which tends to be warm, luxurious and dark with peppery notes and hints of sandalwood and ginger.

Tip: When you’re testing out a fragrance, the best place to spray is on your pulse points like the wrist, neck and behind the ears. This is because your pulse points radiate warmth and activate fragrance as your heart beats. Also remember not to spray fragrance directly on jewelry as it will cause the metal to oxidize and have an odor.

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